BodyTalk System ®

A technology to balance Body-Mind-Soul in regards to self and environment

How it works

Body Talk System® is an amazingly simple and effective holistic therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. Your body is like an orchestra: to obtain the best performance, all the instruments need to work in perfect synchronicity. Well, it is the same with your body whose maestro is what we call Innate or Innate Wisdom, referring to this intelligence running the show of your body/mind complex. Each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times but the quality of the connection between them can become compromised or disconnected due to various reasons (scars, choc, stress…): at this stage, the lines of communication start to “bug” or close down, you need a reset or/and a defragmentation! Just like your computer, with no maintenance, the number of errors will start to grow which at the body level is showing up as a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental health.

Body Talk System® is going to stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels. BodyTalk differs from all other health care modalities in that the practitioner does not assess, diagnose or treat any condition. Body Talk System®  practitioner will consult your Innate, asking questions through muscle testing technique and by using a Protocol Chart to get the yes and no answers to establish what imbalances must be addressed for normal functioning to be re-established. The result will be a formula made of faulty links organized in specific sequences to other links or items following Innate’s priority; then tapping technique over the brain, heart and guts to initiate the changes and to store them will be used to help Innate restore the connection of those circuits. By reconnecting these lines of communication Body Talk System®  enables the body’s mechanisms to be restored.  Read more …

Body Talk System ® Session with Christine

From a young age Christine Plaud could experiment the magic hands of several French healers and since then nurtured the hope to be herself one day, of service to others. When adolescent she was introduced to the Universal energy technic, got trained and started doing energy work, slowly developing sensitivity and skills. When she had her first Body Talk System®  session in 2006, it was like an electric choc: here was the ultimate tool she was dreaming of. She joined the first Body Talk System® Module 1 & 2 (out of ten) training held in Singapore in 2006 under Sylvia Muiznieks, Senior Body Talk System® Instructor from Canada. Then from then on until today she have complete the main curriculum, joined the post graduate PaRama courses and still follows most of the new courses (Mindscape, Breakthrough, Finding Health, BodyTalk for Animal, Body Ecology, Eastern Medicine, the Soul Journey, etc. She is a full-time practitioner traveling between Singapore, Bangkok and France.

To book BodyTalk System® Session with Christine please download PDF file and send it by email or fill in the questionnaire below  in English or French languages, after you can proceed to payment 

Package: 5 sessions 750 SGD

Single session: 150 SGD

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