Life is what happens between your first and last breath. What ever you do, the first thing affected is
your breath. By understanding it and learning to use it you’ll be able to manage your body, mind and

Strength & endurance GB+FR – 11 min
Pranic energy GB + FR – 5 min


Once you start to be able to control your breath, meditation gets easier that is why in Kundalini
Yoga we often use specific breath within meditative practices on top of other tools such as mudras
and mantras.

Meditation for protection & projection GB 11min

Physical sets

These practices require stamina that you will develop with time. 

Nettoyage de printemps: FR only

Sat Kriya challenge from 11-22-31 minutes – GB+FR

Fascia stretching

Reminder: Fascia stretching equation is explained on Yin/Fascia stretching page:

Once u access the videos on my youtube channel you’ll find written description for each set.

Serie 1
– Neck front, side & back: click
– Etirement du cou avant, côtés & arrière: click

Serie 2
– Shoulder blade back & top, shoulder joint: click
– Arrière de l’omoplate et dessus, articulation de l’épaule: click


Those series work on body functions or organes and are practiced with breath retention.

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