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Advance Gong training with Don Conreaux - 2023

Christine Plaud (Kirti Kaur) is a KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) certified Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2003, Level 1, 2 Trainer part of an Asia team. She started her Lead practicum, the final Level 3 and the mentoring program. Her approach to teaching is joyful and spirited and she particularly enjoy the use of the sound current technology through mantras and Gong.

Christine Plaud (Kirti Kaur) est enseignante de Kundalini Yoga certifiée par KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) depuis 2003, formatrice professionnelle de niveau 1 et 2 au sein d’une équipe asiatique. Son approche de l’enseignement est pleine d’entrain et elle apprécie particulièrement la pratique de la technologie du son à travers les mantras et le Gong. 

Christine is a practitioner in a technique called The Bodytalk System as well as trained therapist in Ayurvedic, Thai, Chinese acupressure and Tibetan external therapies. Born in France, she studied Asian civilisation with Mandarin, Thai and Burmese languages at the Paris Oriental Institute. She is leaving in Asia since 1996. After 10 years in corporate world, mainly in recruitment & career management roles (French Chamber of Commerce, American Association) she started her own company based in Singapore: Inner Keys, Pte Ltd in 2005.

Christine est praticienne d’une technique appelée le Bodytalk System et thérapeute formée  aux massages ayurvédique et thaï, à l’accupression chinoise et aux thérapies externes tibétaines. Née en France, elle a étudié la civilisation asiatique avec le mandarin, le thaï et le birman à l’Institut Oriental de Paris. Elle vie en Asie depuis 1996. Après 10 ans dans le monde de l’entreprise, principalement dans la gestion de carrière (Chambre de Commerce Française, Association Américaine) elle a créé sa propre entreprise basée à Singapour: Inner Keys, Pte Ltd en 2005.


Certificates and Accreditations

Advance Gong training with Don Conreaux - 2023

Advance Gong training with Don Conreaux –  Hong Kong 2023

L1 Gong training with Martha Collard - 2019
Gong training with Martha Collard – Singapore 2019


Level 1 Instructor certificate of training and Level 2 Practitioner certificate of training

Level 1 Professional trainer registered on the main KRI (Kundalini research institute)


In BodyTalk Christine is Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) since 2010 which means that she followed the standard curriculum (BT Fundamentals Mod 1-2, Principles of Consciousness Mod 3, BT Bio-dynamics Mod 4(7), Lymphatic Drainage & applied A&P Mod 5, Macrocosmic BodyMind Mod 6, BodyTalk for animals Mod 8, Matrix Dynamics Mod 9) and seat for exam to become certified.


She is also a Parama BP which means that she followed the post graduate studies PaRama BodyTalk Unit 1&2, PaRama Practical. And she also followed most of the complementary modules that IBA (International BodyTalk System Association) offers such as Access, Finding Health, Mindscape and Advanced Mindscape, Eastern Medicine, Energetics, the Soul’s Journey, the Metaphysics of treating.

Active Practitioner licensed by IBA Global Healing 


Among the many external therapies practised in Tibetan Medecine Christine uses the following ones: Stick therapy, mantra healing, cupping,  Moxa (metal, herbs), Nejiang (self healing yoga/pranayam).

Sorigkhang Singapore


Certified Laughter Yoga Leader by Laughter Yoga International University 

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher by Yoga in Asia

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