Keys for those ready to help themselves

Life is a journey

At Inner Keys, our aim is to offer urban people a space for self support and development through the sharing of “keys” that can be used in daily life. As our limitations are often self inflicted and/or beyond our reach, we need to develop tools to expand our intuition and get the awareness of our blockages before we can act on them. In order to reach those stages we need support, inspiration and vision.

That is were InnerKeys comes in. The Keys proposed here as well as the programs with our partners are yours, when you will be ready to explore them. So read, reflect and connect when you are ready !


I have been blessed to know Christine for more than 2 years now. Christine is a delight to work with. She is brilliant, calm, grounded, loving and very present. She offers Body Talk treatment in a way that is deeply gentle and relaxing and yet quite powerful. I was skeptical of this new technique, yet after my first session I was amazed at how my discomfort had dissolved. Christine managed to help me several times when physical and emotional pain affected my health and life.



What Body Talk did to me, none of other therapies did. It’s just efficient and fast. It helped me going through big events that were overwhelming and blocking my everyday life. Each time a blockage comes up I know that Body Talk is the solution



Christine helped me to mentally prepare for an important concert in a big theatre. I felt under a lot of pressure and very tense, which manifested itself in a kind of stiffness on stage. With Christine’s help, I felt focused and relaxed. When I stepped on stage I was confident, calm and could give a much better performance. I highly recommend Christina’s services. She is very experienced and professional. 

Eva Cendors

Czech Republic

“Christine’s healing sessions are truly comprehensive. She tunes in and reboots the innate healing wisdom of your own body while combining her plethora of healing modalities inc. Ayurveda, Tibetan Massage, spoken counseling and intuitive energy transfer to facilitate profound shifts. I was sick for two months with flu and my session yesterday totally blew out the last cobwebs of fogginess along with physical & emotional tensions – I feel like a brand spanking new Mel today woohoo! 



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